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Questionnaire for an internship applicant
Fill out an application for an internship with companies in the Netherlands.
KruzOasis LLC guarantees the confidentiality of the information received.
Company profile
Company name
Company data: address, details
Field of activity (what crops and on what acreage are grown?)
Applicant data
Last name
First name
Date of birth
Contact telephone number
Name of educational institution / Faculty / Course
Supplementary educational courses
English language proficiency
Indicate other languages you speak
Computer skill
Work experience. List your work experience, including summer internships, part-time jobs, etc. Starting with your most recent job
Period (month, year) / Enterprise / Brief description of the work performed
What do you expect from the internship?
Duration of the internship
Do you need visa support?
Required accommodation. Hotel cost: ~ € 70 per day, hostel: ~ € 50 per week
Do you need translation services?
Additional information about you that you consider necessary to mention
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